I love winter!

So it has been a little while since i updated, but hay that is cool, work has to be done!

And this is what we have been upto.

Documentary: Nothing new to report… well Nathan is sick… but still nothing has been completed on it.

Women of Influence: Liked what we did, which is nice.

NV8: Trying to put them onto a new server… So far it can be found here. Please let me know what you think!

Simply Video: Is a new branch of Thalheimer cubed. The idea of Simply Video is to do very basic and non cutting edge video. Kind of like Ferrari’s retired Dino Brand.  It is a watered down version of its parent company.

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Do you like Tacos?

Sit rep!

The women of influence is done…. though i do not think they liked it… because they have not gotten back to me…

On the movie front? Well i have an interesting way that we might take it. Though as soon as Nathan finishes those videos we can talk about it… Speaking about talking i might also start on another movie idea that i have. But i will keep you all posted on that as well.

And finally the question you have all been asking about! No i still do not have any one to check spelling. I am sorry. But i am working on it!

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A wilde and crazy time

We are about to embark on a very simple yet exciting project! the Women of Influence series asked Thalheimer cubed to shoot there next lunch… should be exciting!

Then Chris Gheran’s mangaer got back in touch with me to do another video…. So we will see what happens there.

And the Doc? well Nathan is working hard at procrastinating (sorry Nathan but you are) and my transcribing is well slow and low!

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Its been a while!

Okay so i have a line on some one to actually look at the spelling on my site! So for all of you spellers out there one day soon this site might not look like a 4 year old updates it!

As for the work we have been up to?

Well we have just finished a couple of corporate videos for a sales coach, some video work for Mountain View International Festival of Song & Chamber Music, and a trial video for a big oil services company!

Then we have started production on a Documentary about the death of classical music. Filming has started, Scripts have been written and thrown out, Shessha has been smoked and Bailey has started transcribing hours of footage… So stay tuned for updates on that.

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Good News!

After 3 years, we are final a recognized company! So that means we some have to find $30,000 so we can start writing off all of our gear… baby steps… baby steps…

And speaking about baby steps The Wizz video? well it turned out not bad, the sound was off so the next time we do it there will be some changes. However, for a school play, it went quite well! But as it would be creepy to put a video of kids on the internet i guess you will just have to take my word for it.

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wild and crazy time

Things at cubed world have been nuts!

Mr. Chalk, a local school teacher, just finished a play of the Wizard Of OZZ with his Grade 4 to 6 students. And we where there to film it so the kids could remember what a great job they did!

Also we have been working on a feature length documentary. Will anything come from it? I hope so, because we think it will be great to do.

Oh and for those that want to contact us, please do not use the post function as i am not a dedicated blogger and very rarely check my site. Please just e-mail me at bailey@noveights.com.

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Hello world!

Well it took long enough! This is the first posting of the Thalheimer cubed website! please stay tuned as we will update the site as we finish jobs, and further develop as a production company!

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